I’m Touched by Your Words..TT__TT… Saranghae.. Daisuki Jaejoongie


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The first number of my age changed to 3 today,
Come to think of it, many things have changed
and some disappeared altogether while that number was turning.

But you guys never changed and were always there for me.
This is the third time, right?
You guys ran here at once to celebrate my brithday together.
The winter wind seems to get colder and harsher each year…
Yet, our hearts are getting warmer and warmer.
Let’s love each other more fervently as the years go by,
I became more ambitious as I spend time with you,
I realized that I have much more to accomplish,
Much more than what I have achieved in the past,
Instead of doing what I want to do for myself,
I want to do more for you.
My once distant dream has been realized,
So I firmly believe that the time we will spend together…

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