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A ‘Real Man’ Kim Jaejoong who is in the middle of serving his active duty, came out for his break after 100 days.

According to a music industry official on July 9th, Kim Jaejoong came out on his first break the past 6th and had unwind with his JYJ members, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu after a long time.

A representative gave a tip to Newsen on this day July 9: “Kim Jaejoong came out on Monday(July 6). He returns to his unit tomorrow(July 10),” and, “He had a joyous time together with Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu on the past Tuesday(July 7). Kim Junsu finished musical ‘Death Note’ performance and although it was a late hour, he joined them at a location. They had a cordial time gathering as a whole during that period”.
A C-JeS representative said to XportsNews, “Because of MERS, he worried about a visit being…

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