two handsome man :*


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via MBC ‘Nonstop 4’

The men in the world are a lot but it is not easy to find a person who suits my heart among them.

However there is something in common when tracing back your own favorite person.

I have organized the men who takes shots at your preferences as the 5 types. Let’s check out what style I want exactly.

1. Example of a Puppy

This seems to be the most common but they are stars who are difficult to find around surprisingly.

Innocent eyes and a bright smile are the typical characteristics.

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<‘JYJ’ Park Yuchun>, via SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’


3. Example of a Feline

Although it is hard to approach them because of their sharp impression, they have a strange charm they usually create that comes across about them repeatedly.

Like the ‘hosts’ who are possessed by a cat, you will find yourself being crazy…

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