That’s why i love JYJ


1:49:40 ~ 1:58:50

JJ:I remember something. Junsu’s first love from Fukuoka…
JS:No! That’s not it!
JJ: Listen to the end
JS:Ah, this kind of talk is even coming out…!!
YC:That time… that girl…
JJ:At that time, Junsu’s Japanese level was that of a 5 year old’s so it was a time that he couldn’t express what he wanted to say. There was a restaurant that we went to when we came to Fukuoka. She was an employee at that restaurant and they couldn’t see each other aside from once a year.
JS:But.. Everyone!!! That’s not it. This isn’t it. Um.. It’s more of just a one-sided feeling, how should I word it?
JJ:One sided love?
JS:It’s not really a one sided love. Similar… only to the point that I had a good feeling about her with a pure mind. Really, that was…

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